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Fast 24-Hour Emergency Towing on Kauai

Stay safe with 24-hour emergency towing services from Garden Island Towing. Whether it’s the weekend, holiday, or late at night, we’ll be there. As a AAA provider, our 24-hour car towing services include full access to the nearest AAA location on Kauai for auto repairs. No matter what’s wrong with your car, we’ll make sure you’re back on the road in a safe vehicle. If a AAA location isn’t open during the time of your 24-hour car towing, we’ll take your vehicle back to our storage facility until a location opens. As a Better Business Bureau-accredited company, we mean it when we say your satisfaction is our top priority. Call us today!

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Get Reliable Recovery Towing Services ON KAUAI

Is your vehicle stuck off-road? Get in touch with Garden Island Towing. Our mechanics specialize in sand, mud, and off-road recovery towing and are available to you 24/7.

Recovery towing is only needed if your vehicle is on an unpaved road, stuck in a ditch, or in another situation that may require specialty equipment. As recovery towing specialists, we use state-of-the-art equipment to safely and efficiently remove your vehicle and properly dispose of any materials or waste that was left behind after the accident.

Whether you’re dealing with a broken-down engine or have just been in an accident, we’re here for you. Call us today to request 24/7 recovery towing services.

Better Services With Flatbed Towing on Kauai

We only use a flatbed truck for our 24-hour emergency towing services. Flatbed towing is the best way to ensure your vehicle doesn’t get damaged during transportation. While on the road, if our truck happens to hit a pothole or other road bump, there is no chance that this will affect your car. We strive to make our flatbed towing services hassle-free.

  • Take advantage of winching services from our flatbed trucking company. If your vehicle was badly damaged, winching allows us to lift and mount your vehicle onto our truck for easy transportation.
  • Experience stress-free flatbed towing. We’ll take your car to our storage facility or to the nearest AAA provider on Kauai to ensure it receives the repairs it needs.
  • Benefit from the best prices in the area for flatbed towing. We care about our customers, not about making the most money.
  • Rest easy knowing that we’re always available. We’re one of the only companies on the island offering reliable 24-hour car towing.


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